Cubium is a game of puzzles set in an incredible, emotional game world.

Players are challenged with dozens of levels. As the game progresses, more and more laws of physics come into play, and you must take advantage of them if you hope to meet the challenge. A wonderful musical score completes the experience.

Cubium logo

Players embark on a long journey through an unknown world engulfed in shadow. Along the way, they must find and use special cubes, each with its own purpose. The player’s task in each level is to free the captive birds by getting the runic cubes to the portal.

Game features:

  • 57 levels full of puzzles and secrets
  • Laws of physics you can use to complete levels
  • A unique musical soundtrack

Devrloper: Avreliy Games


Cubium screenchot 01 Cubium screenshot 02
Cubium screenshot 03 Cubium screenshot 04