KranX Productions is the first independent Russian Game Production Company with an emphasis on producing, developing and prototyping commercially attractive game products for modern platforms. The company was founded in 2004 by a famous Russian computer game developer Andrey “KranK” Kuzmin, the author of the well-known PC games “Vangers: One for the Road”, “MOBL”, “Spanking Runners”, “Perimeter”, “Yumsters!”, “Musaic Box” and others.

KranX Productions provides full professional production services including developer selection, high quality concepts, design, documentation and project management. Our in-house development studio with over 30 people capable of prototyping our gameplay concepts as well as developing full-scale titles for PC and console platforms.

The company always expands its contacts and holds an interest in cooperation with publishers, developers for modern platforms, middleware and outsourcing studies. We always have new, interesting ideas and we will be happy to call your attention!

In 2010 KranX Productions switched to the development of online games.


KranX Productions
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