KranX Productions

KranX Productions was founded in 2004 by a leading game designer and producer of Kaliningrad studio "K-D Lab" Andrey Kuzmin, also known as KranK. With his direct participation famous games "Vangers" and "Perimeter" was developed.

KranX Productions over the last year completely changed it's way from developing and producing of offline games on the creation of advanced online services. The company employs over 30 staff.


We deserve it

Best Game for Social Networks KRI 2011
Excellence In Design IGF Award 2009
Best Game for Hand-held Platform KRI 2009
Best Casual Game KRI 2009
Industry Acknowledgment Prize KRI 2008
Best Game Design KRI 2007

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We develop games

It is our mission

Hello! We are KranX Productions, game developers.

Under the roof of the company united very different people: game designers, programmers, producers, managers, publicists, artists, musicians.

And all together we make great games.

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We are looking for talents

We are looking for employees to participate in a large and interesting project.

Game is developing in accordance with the latest trends for the whole world and uses the magnificently successful IP. Places in the history for the participants are provided. World domination by taste.

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